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The Spirit of Music 2013 !

Schön war’s auf der +Musikmesse Frankfurt  🙂 !

Cool STUFF ! 

Marco Mendoza
( Artist of Thin Lizzy, Blue Murder, Whitesnake , Ted Nugent, Neal Schon and Soul SirkUS, Lynch Mob, as well as diverse artists such as Dolores O’Riordan from the Cranberries. He is currently touring with his solo project and Thin Lizzy.)

Mister nice guy Matthias Jabs ( Representator Mj Guitar & Corbs) Guitarist of The Scorpions

KISS ????



Daniel Grunenberg & +Carolin Niemczyk  (Glasperlenspiel)

+The BossHoss Official  ! HIYHAAA !

Steve Stevenson

 (born Steven Bruce Schneider, May 5, 1959, Brooklyn, New York) is an American guitarist and songwriter. He is best known for playing for other artists (most notably +Billy Idol , +Michael Jackson , and +Vince Neil ) and less so for his solo efforts (Atomic Playboys and Flamenco A Go-Go), collaborations (Bozzio Levin Stevens, a.k.a. Black Light Syndrome), and as an in-demand session guitarist. ) 


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