Blacky’s Chinese-rice & chicken supper

Incredients for 3-4 Portions :

(Deutsches Tutorial Video siehe ganz unten)

500 gr. of fresh chicken meat or chicken breast
1 glass of soy sprouts
1 glass of fresh Chinese vegetables
1/2 teaspoon green or red curry paste
Rice at will
1 can of coconut milk
Thai at will and / or Chinese herbs
Sweet-sour sauce
Bring the water for the rice to a boil and cook the rice besides you prepare the stew. Basmati rice is best suited.

Fry the diced meat in a hot pan with some olive oil on. Pour some soy sauce and oyster sauce over it.
Stir coconut milk, and let the whole simmer.
Add now 1/2 tablespoons red or green curry paste to. You make sure that the paste is evenly distributed.
Let the bean sprouts and  vegetables shortly drain  and add it to the pot.

Now turn the oven on low level and wait until the rice is ready.
Let it drain shortly and poor it  in any form such as a cup (the best you take 2 cups)

Now put the plate on the two cups,  hold the cups with your thumb firmly and  turn the plate so that the cups are now backwards on the plate. Shake the cup  very careful when you remove it… now you have a nicely shaped rice cones.

Give the Chinese stew to the  rice and decorate the slightly sweet-sour sauce, feel free to add some  with pineapple chunks.
Bon Appetite !
Und hier gehts zum Video deutschen :

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