First what you need:

– minced meat 500g should be enough for 2      persons.
– 3 garlic cloves
– pepper, salt
– 6-9 sheets of lasagne
– Creme fraich
– grated cheese ( i like gratin cheese)
– either tomatoe paste, fresh tomatoes or a glas of prefabricated sauce.
– Salad, which you would like to have

 First you need to take your pan and fry all the minced meat…slice the garlic and put it together with black pepper and some salt..

Make the sauce how ever you want it 

Take a ladle and pour 3 tablespoons in a refractory form.
Now put three sheets of lasagne over.

pour again 3 tablespoons over 

and take again Lasagne sheets…do it as often as you have sauce. Finish with the sauce on top. Take your creme fraich, put it all over, as well as the cheese.

Put it in the oven, 35 Minutes, convection – 200*

é voilà!

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